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Maria Meli Omodei

“Every time I go there I am always warmly welcomed and very satisfied when I leave. I’ll never go anywhere else =]”


“I think that Glow is the best because they do an outstanding job with waxing, not to mention the atmosphere is very fun and friendly.”


“The Glow Skin Care Salon has a friendly and outstanding staff who are very professional. I love it there and I recommend to everyone”

Margo Antonellis

“They are a friendly place, it’s very clean and relaxing there.”


“Glow has the nicest and most personable staff! They are the best at waxing!”

Kristin Bono

“Best waxers I’ve ever found! This place is the place I’ve been looking for for so long. The girls there are absolutely wonderful, Jen and Marissa in particular. They’re extremely down to earth, talented, and are excellent with giving recommendations for what to do!”

Nichole D.

“I love the blue wax too! They are very knowledgeable and have the current trends. For ONCE the South Shore has something over having to go into ‘The City’.”

Cein Monahan

“Glow is a fabulous place- everyone there is very friendly, professional, and helpful!!! I always know that when I go there I am in great hands!! I always leave Glow happy.”

Rachel Cook

“Glow is wonderful!! Very relaxing and the staff is very sweet and welcoming.”


“Best brow shaping EVER!! I get so many compliments on my eyebrows all the time. I refer all my friends to Glow.”


“At Glow you always feel comfortable during whatever service you are taking part in. Also, you are unafraid to ask questions when needed. The staff are always helpful and friendly.”


“I love the fact that the wax they use is gentle but effective.”


“I have been going to Glow for all of my waxing for over a year. All of the ladies there are GREAT and they do an incredible job every time!! Never a complaint!”

Kelley Grey

“Best waxing ever!!!!!!”


“Perfect every time!!!!!”

Katie Powell

“Great service at an excellent price.”

Brittany Rao

“I’ve been going there for almost 2 yrs and I love all the girls that work there! They all have great personalities and do great work! The prices are much better than a lot of other places I’ve seen. Even though it takes me 30 minutes to get there, I’ll never go anywhere else!! Keep it up Glow!!”

Ellen Pasquantonio

“Excellent salon.”


“The salon is very comfortable and relaxing. The staff that works there are super nice. The atmosphere is calming and sensual.”


“Glow has done such an awesome job on my waxing and I love the blue wax they used!!”


“Small shop, nice, attentive people.”

Ginny O’Brien

“They use a different kind of wax, which does not hurt as much. The staff is professional and pleasant!!”


“The staff at Glow always make my brows look great and they are very accommodating with making appointments to fit my needs.”

Richard Coraine

“Great place. My wife loves it.”

Kim Draper

“Yay Glow!! I love this place.. Alicia is greaattt! These girls are so down to earth and make you feel very welcome and @ home =)”


“They did a great job waxing my eyebrows!”


“Amazing blue wax! The least painful waxing experience I’ve found in Boston, and a great staff.”

Ashley Wheeler

“Glow’s employees are fabulous and friendly people, they make everyone feel welcome in their salon. Comparing Glow’s waxing to the many other shops and salons I’ve been to, Glow has the most reasonable prices. Besides the prices, I also enjoy going to Glow because unlike many of the other places I’ve been, I have never once been burned or experienced any pain during a visit. The people at Glow know exactly what to do when it comes to waxing and customer interaction, and they should be number one!”

Deb Shaughnessy

“I’ve been a regular at Glow for years. The girls there are the best.”

Ann Marie

“Glow is the only place I go to get waxed. They not only are professional, but it’s a pleasure to be in their salon!!”

Deborah Lynch-Roden

“Alicia is the best! Jamie is awesome too! Fast, friendly service and the blue wax makes such a difference! “


“They are very good at what they do and do it great.”

Eileen Pantano

“Glow is my favorite skin care salon because the staff takes the time to pamper their clients even when you are only having a brow or lip wax. They are very thorough and friendly. I won’t go anywhere else.”

Tina Reale

“Great service, friendly staff, and personal touch. Gentle waxes.”

Debbie Helbig

“This place is so comfortable and relaxing with soothing music. It’s the best!!!”

Carol-ann Murray

“Shelley has maintained an impressive level of professionalism since she opened her shop. Shelley continues to design her business to meet the needs of her clients. Her products are environmentally sound, her staff is experienced, fun, and full of healthy energy!! By far Glow is one of the more innovative Skin Care Salons on the South Shore!!!!”


“Great eyebrow shaping!”


“Jenn is the best!!”


“Great. Love the blue wax.”


“They are very friendly and do a great job.”


“Alicia at Glow always does a fantastic job!”

Lisa Howland

“I have had my eyebrows waxed in many places. I hated the way they came out. Alicia at Glow makes them look wonderful. I am so happy I found her.”


“They have the best spray tan.”


“Exceptional customer service.”


“Great technique…great staff!”


“Very skilled and talented staff. Very innovative and always offers top of the line products and services at reasonable prices. Their customer service can’t be beat!”

Joyce Bethoney

“Friendly, efficient and professional.”


“Professional, knowledgeable, up-beat young women that give you a personal feeling of connection. Excellent customer service and accommodation.”


“They are very attentive and they are very easy to talk to. Let’s face it when you’re getting certain things waxed, things can get a little awkward!!! The girls at Glow are professional and most importantly, they always do a FANTASTIC job!”

Karen Yannacio

“Glow not only has the friendliest staff, but their blue wax is incredible! Most salons do not offer this blue wax but Glow does and it makes the BIGGEST difference in your comfort level. Glow is up on the current trends and new techniques and that’s why they are above and beyond the other spas. Their treatments and service are great!”


“I look forward to going to Glow!”

Cynthia Auckly-Barbuto

“Every wax treatment I get from them is perfect!”

Susan B

“I have tried dozens of places to have lip and brow waxings done and Glow, without a doubt does THE BEST JOB!! Plus everyone that works there is very professional and very nice. Now that I have found Glow, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for skin care!”


“Glow has the best waxing services, prices and employees.”


“I love going to Glow to get waxed! The blue wax is what attracted me in the first place, but the accommodating staff is what keeps me coming back. All of the staff are very friendly and extremely personable. I highly recommend Glow to all of my girlfriends for their waxing needs!”

Nancy Carver

“Professional and friendly staff…”


“The Glow Girls are Amazing! The service is excellent and it is always a plus when the employees know you by name.”


“Best wax that I have ever received was from Glow. Very friendly staff!”

Fern Israel

“Nice ambiance. Sweet beings that wax the eyebrows. and great results. Many compliments from my newly formed brow.”


“Shelley is great – a true professional in performing her job and making you feel so relaxed!”

Jennifer Burnieika

“They have the best staff! Everyone is amazing, very nice and professional. Shelley knows how to make everyone feel welcome and makes sure the client’s needs are met!”


“I won’t trust anyone else with my eyebrows!”


“Glow is the best, and the staff is amazing!! Marisa does a great eyebrow waxing and glycolic!”

Kristen Nagle

“All the Glow Girls are lovely. Some people are nervous getting certain things done, all of these girls make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Visiting Glow is ALWAYS a pleasure.”


“Very friendly, cheerful, helpful staff.”


“The staff is super friendly. I’ve been going there for 2 years and they are awesome. My brows look great!”

Anastasia Emanuel

“I LOVE GLOW! They do an awesome job and I refer all my friends and family–very accommodating and reasonably priced.”


“Shelley is fabulous at Brazilian waxing. She makes you feel relaxed to ease the pain. I originally had an appointment that apparently didn’t get booked and she took me regardless and apologized made sure that my services were okay and made up for the time I lost. I highly recommend her waxing services.”


“The staff are super-friendly and the blue wax makes a huge difference in making it as painless as possible!”


“They are true professionals”


“Jen does a fantastic job shaping my eyebrows. She also recently did my makeup for a wedding and she did a great job. There is no need to make the trip into Newbury St. and pay Newbury St. prices when we’re lucky enough to have Glow on the South Shore.” Shore.”

Jen Espinosa

“Shelley, Alicia and the Girls at Glow are FAB! Great prices, caring people and spectacular service — I recommend them to everyone I know.”

Tammy Donovan

“Jen Mancuso is fabulous at sculpting eyebrows!!!!!”


“Very professional & friendly :)”


“I just had my first experience at Glow Skin Care Salon and I was very pleased. Shelley was so professional and personable. I will definitely be back!”

Amanda Iodice

“They are extremely friendly, have great services without overpricing and offer a variety of treatments and packages.”


“They take their time to make it look good and I never burn there.”


“Great, friendly service at a reasonable price.”


“Glow is the best !!!! I love the employees and they give wonderful customer service. They really care about their customers. I got my second wax and loved ever since.”


“The people are great and make you feel so comfortable. They are professional women. I recommend them to everyone.”

Maggie Meffen

“The staff at Glow is extremely professional. Their services are affordable and extremely high in quality. I have moved from the Braintree area but still travel 1 hour and 15 minutes to get my Brazilian at Glow. I haven’t found any other salon that used the blue wax. They are amazing!”


“Very professional and personal staff. They ask you how you want things done, but will advise you if they feel that it would look better this way or that a product is not good for your skin i.e. complexion.”


“Shelley and her team are fabulous – friendly and professional. They are the best at what they do! Trust is important when it comes to waxing, and they have mine.”

Brenda Fay

“I have been waxing for years and I have never had a better wax then at glow. Everyone there is so talented you can’t go wrong.”


“The people and the service”


“Shelley and her wonderful staff are excellent. Always clean and very professional. All the girls are highly trained in waxing and the prices are extremely reasonable. I would go nowhere else for my waxing. Thanks.”


“All the girls at Glow are great! Never had a bad experience. Clean friendly environment. And, to top it all off, I met the women of my dreams there…”

Terrie McManus

“Professional, friendly service”


“Glow is extremely professional and clean. It also has a very comfortable environment. The staff is warm and friendly and Shelley, the owner, is one of the classiest persons I have ever met.”


“Marisa at Glow is the best!! I won’t let anyone else touch my eyebrows. She leaves them full and shapes them perfectly.”