Microdermabrasion FAQ’s

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my treatment?

Yes. Do not use tanning beds, lie out in the sun, or get waxed 24 hours before the treatment.

Is Microdermabrasion painful?

No, it is more a warming sensation. There can be some mild irritation involved, but we use products to lessen this experience. If you have hypersensitive skin, your esthetician will discuss your options. One of them includes adding a specialty mask after your treatment to cool the skin.

Is there anything I should do after my treatment?

Yes, use the products recommended by the esthetician. This will maximize your results. Also, no tanning, waxing, or sunless tanning of the face for 24 hours after the treatment.

What results should I expect from Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion results are effective; however, it’s important to understand the basic limitation of microdermabrasion treatment. Because microdermabrasion only treats the outermost layer of skin it can have no effect on skin conditions that exist at deeper levels of skin. We recommend booking for a series of 6 to start out for maximum results.

How often should I do Microdermabrasion?

Results of microdermabrasion are long lasting, but not permanent. Once results are obtained from completing an initial series of treatments, a periodic follow up treatment every 3 months is recommended in order to maintain results.

What is a microboost?

A microboost is a Microdermabrasion treatment along with a glycolic or lactic peel.

Why should I do LED?

The Micro LED is for someone who is really looking to get rid of any unwanted age/sun spots by use of the machines Red light or to kill any acneic bacteria with use of the machines Blue light.